Labour Urges Young People To Make Sure They Are Registered To Vote

Young people are being urged to make sure they are registered to vote ahead of the upcoming referendum on the 8th Amendment.

Labour Party Director of Elections, Councillor Jane Horgan Jones, said that it is "not too late for young people to have their say on the 8th", after reports revealed that up to 150,000 young people are not registered to vote.

Councillor Horgan Jones said: "The upcoming referendum is a once in a generation opportunity to take our this complex medical issue out of our constitution. It is vital that young people who may have turned 18 since the General Election, have their say on this issue.

"Young people should exercise their right to vote, and now is the time for people to check if they are registered. They can do this simply by consulting the website checktheregister.ie, or checking the Register of Electors at local authority offices, post offices, Garda stations or public libraries.

"Recent graduates or young people who have moved for work who are registered but who have changed address can simply fill out the RFA2 form, get it stamped at a Garda station, and return it to the local authority offices.

"We have a once in a generation to have our say on the eighth amendment. It is crucial that if you want to have your say on this issue, that you take the time to make sure you're on the register.

"The referendum to repeal the eighth amendment of the constitution is an extremely important referendum for the country. A Yes vote will ensure that women get the proper healthcare they need at a vulnerable time in their lives. A No vote will continue to force women to travel abroad or use medication ordered online. I am therefore calling on everyone to vote 'Yes' on May 25th."


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