People Urged To Check They Are Registered To Vote

Sinn Féin have urged people to check the register of electors to ensure that they can vote in the coming general election.

MEP Liadh Ní Riada said: "We will have a general election early next year. It will be a historic opportunity to change Irish politics and society for the better. I am encouraging everyone to check the register of electors to make sure their name is on it. If you are not registered, you have until 5pm this Wednesday 25th to claim your right to vote.

"You can check the register at www.checktheregister.ie or at your local library or civic offices. You can also pick up forms at these locations or in Garda stations.

"The coming elections will give us a chance to make history, and to change the nature of Irish politics. Sinn Féin is determined to deliver progressive change for people who have felt the crushing weight of the austerity policies implemented by Fine Gael, the Labour Party and Fianna Fáil before them.

"The potential for that change is in the hands of voters. Make sure you can have your say. Register to vote and let your voice be heard on election."


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