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Display Ireland Local News On Your Own Website For Free

The 4ie journalism team produces daily stories from our offices in Belfast. You can enhance your website with this news to encourage people who use your website to visit more often.

Here is some example code which you can use. https://www.4ie.ie/misc/testnews.aspx

This is a simple script that takes news from our RSS feed and uses the Google feeds service to extract the content and insert it into your page. You can dissect the code and modify it as you wish. You can also host the scripts locally if you want.

To install:
Put this in the <head> portion of your HTML on the page you want to display news on

Put this in the page where you want the news to show. Change niHeadlineCount to match the number of stories you want to show and change showNiNewsSnippet to false if you want to hide the story snippets.

Optional Add this to the <head> portion of the page if you want to style the content. You can add / remove from the css classes, this is just for testing. (remove style tags if you are adding to an existing <style> section).

Please contact us if you have any problems with this script or have any suggestions.