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About Eco Spray Foam Insulation Ltd

Responsibility and Dedication are Our Commitments
As the distributor of Demilec products in Ireland and the UK, we are committed to providing the best possible service to insulation contractors and end users alike. Whether you are a single home owner or a high profile developer, you can depend on receiving the most efficient customer service in the industry. Our success rests on our commitment to the belief that spray foam insulation will prove to be the most popular, effective and innovative material within the insulation industry in the 21st century. We believe that it will play an important role in creating a cleaner environment; providing a superior quality of life for people where they work and live, and forging a thriving industry that supports residential and commercial contractors and developers in their businesses and careers.

We believe that we are partners with our customers in creating successful homes and businesses. We support their efforts by providing products and polyurethane systems of world-class quality; offering professional training and technical support in product use, marketing and business operations; and creating new opportunities to expand their markets.

An important part of our commitment is a clear sense of social responsibility. We recognise that we have the opportunity and obligation to be part of a business movement that enhances the personal side of business, as well as its professional aspects. Our products are designed to be part of the solution to environmental challenges. Our business operations are designed to emphasise the personal and professional success of our employees, partners and the people that our products serve.

We pledge to ourselves and our customers, to continue to be a valuable partner and responsible corporate citizen, by continually improving our products and services; finding new ways to contribute to environmental quality; and promoting responsible progress and growth in our industry.


Become a Contractor
Spray Foam Insulation should only be installed by fully trained professionals. As with any insulation material correct detailing is essential to ensure maximum thermal effiiency. All products provided by Demilec can only be applied by our network of authorised installers.

Building Science
Our Building Science Department is well versed in many concepts associated with how buildings work - including thermodynamics as well as air and moisture movement. We specialise in the impact of spray foam insulation in all construction types, ranging from family dwellings to large commercial buildings.

Building Energy Rating
A BER (Building Energy Rating) certificate is an indication of the energy performance of a building.

Architect Services
Demilec provide Architects with updated information and important insights into the impact of spray foam insulation on building performance and environmental protection.

Who We Help

Commercial Customers
For speed, simplicity of installation and quality, no other insulation material can compete with Demilec spray foam insulation for your commercial needs. We also supply a range of tough polyurea products for roofing and lining applications.

Residential Customers
Independent advice from fully trained professionals. Due to the importance of correct workmanship, contractors who are not trained and authorised by us, are not permitted to install our products.

Architects & Builders
We deliver energy efficient design without compromise. Freedom of design with spray foam insulation is a certainty, as it conforms to every geometric shape.

Insulation Contractors
We are committed to developing a team of successful Authorised Contractors by supplying the highest quality products and combining extensive training together with the latest technology in the polyurethane industry.

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