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About Eco Spray Foam Insulation Ltd

Comfort, Quiet, Healthy
Spray foam insulation by creating an airtight thermal seal, will not only reduce your heat loss, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, but by sealing the building will keep outdoor noise and pollutants outside. A home properly insulated with spray foam insulation will be quieter, more comfortable, will use less energy and will provide you with a healthy indoor environment in comparison to other conventional insulation types.

We use the highest quality raw materials in the manufacture of our products. We constantly strive to deliver products that contribute to lower energy bills, improved comfort, improved air quality, reduced heat loss, and the reduction of carbon emissions supporting a greener environment.

Not All Spray Foam Is Equal
Whilst many spray foam products look the same, it is important that you choose on quality and not just on price. Spray foam insulation works by creating a sponge like honeycomb cell structure filled with pockets of air. Poor installation or lower grade raw materials used in the manufacture of some spray foam systems can result in poor or uneven cell structures, which will be less efficient in reducing heat loss.

We only use the highest grade raw materials and all installers are fully trained in its proper application. All products are CE marked and carry the quality assurance EN ISO 9001.

Spray Foam Insulation Applications
  • Prevention of condensation
  • Reduction of the penetration of hot or cold temperatures
  • Maintaining heating or cooling temperatures
  • Sealing against water leakage
  • Absorption or blocking of unwanted sound transfer
  • Odour management

  • Sealcell® Open Cell Set
  • Sealcell® Closed Cell Set
  • Sealcell® Open Cell Isocyanate
  • Sealcell® Closed Cell Isocyanate
  • Sealcell® Open Cell Resin
  • Sealcell® Closed Cell Resin
  • Sealcell® 400 Centre Vent Card
  • Sealcell® 600 Centre Vent Card

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