Sinn Fein Call For Affordable School Uniforms

The cost of school uniforms needs to be more affordable, regardless of the result of a parent survery, Sinn Fein Education Spokesperson Jonathan O’Brien has said.

While he welcomed the news that parents of pupils are to be surveyed on school uniforms, Mr O'Brien said: "The Minister’s idea that there should be a survey of parents to see what they want should be welcomed as a positive acknowledgement that many families find school uniforms to be hugely expensive and have problems providing them for their children.

"Every year Barnardos publish research showing the cost of a school uniform in many schools is exorbitant. The price involved which includes the need for a PE kit, is putting many families under severe financial pressure and especially affects those who have several children.

"Many schools view uniforms as tool of equality when everyone has to dress the same, however if they are not affordable for some they exacerbate inequality.

"The Minister has a responsibility that whatever comes of this survey, school uniforms are affordable to all families, and if it is a case that the majority of parents decide they want an expensive uniform he needs to come up with a creative solution that ensures no child is financially prohibited from getting the uniform they need."


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