Co Donegal Charged Hyde Park Bombing Murders

John Anthony Downey, from Co Donegal, has been charged with the murders of four soldiers in the IRA's Hyde Park bombing in London 31 years ago.

Downey, 61, was arrested by police as he came off a plane at London's Gatwick Airport on Sunday.

He is accused of being responsible for a car bomb in South Carriage Drive.

Four members of the Royal Household Cavalry were killed as they drove from their barracks to Buckingham Palace.

Over 20 soldiers were also injured.

Sue Hemming, head of special crime and counter-terrorism at the Crown Prosecution Service, said: The Metropolitan Police Service has been investigating the explosion near Hyde Park in London, which occurred on 20th July 1982.

"It is alleged that Downey is responsible for the improvised explosive device contained in a car parked in South Carriage Drive, SW1, London, which resulted in the deaths of four members of the Royal Household Cavalry, Blues and Royals, as they travelled on their daily route from their barracks to Buckingham Palace."

Downey will appear at the Old Bailey on Friday.


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