RTÉ Radio Set To Launch New Player

The boss of RTÉ Radio has welcomed the announcement of RTÉ Radio's new 2011-2012 season.

The new season again features RTÉ Radio's top-rating programmes and presenters, with commitments maintained across RTÉ Radio's key public-service objectives.

The station has also announced the imminent launch of the new RTÉ Radio Player. The player, which joins the already hugely successful RTÉ Player, promises to revolutionise the online radio experience.

Flash-based, the new Player will offer listeners an easy-access listen-live experience, with easy-to-follow podcast, listen-back and "share" functionality. For the first time listeners can search, target and share specific items and switch between RTÉ Radio's eleven services with ease. The new RTÉ Radio Player will launch alongside the new RTÉ Radio homepage, where mirrored functionality will allow listeners to explore the breadth of RTÉ Radio's diverse and broad offering.

The Player is expected to publicly launch later in the year.

Managing Director of RTÉ Radio, Clare Duignan, said: "Off-air, big changes are on the way on-line, with the launch of the new RTÉ Radio Player.

"Despite the financial challenges, it is imperative that we keep pace with technology. Like other services in RTÉ, we in RTÉ Radio are making every effort to ensure that when Ireland emerges into better times, the citizens of this country will still have a vibrant, relevant, national public service radio broadcaster."


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