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Contacq Ltd Contact Details

David McMullan & Simon McIlwaine
028 7082 5100 / 028 4176 9521
Lisburn Enterprise Centre,
Ballinderry Road
County Antrim
BT28 2BP

About Contacq Ltd

Established in 2001 by David McMullan and Simon McIlwaine, the objective was to create a design company where the resources available to our clients covered every aspect of product design, from initial conception through to final production. With an extensive background in medical electronics and a network of design partners offering support in specialised areas, Contacq designs for clients in a variety of commercial, industrial and medical sectors.

Seamless integration into a client’s environment and working practices has always been key to building a successful product and projects and as a company great emphasis has always been placed upon good design practices, embracing emerging technologies, whilst at the same time, balancing the risk element associated with these new ideas in what is currently a very volatile market.

Great products quite often start life as simple ideas but even the simplest idea can hide a multitude of potential hazards. Product concept evaluation will enable the various aspects of the project to be critiqued in a subjective manner, such that product development may commence with the relative certainty that the end result will be viable physically, electrically and commercially. In some cases, the outcome may be such that a feasibility study must be undertaken to ensure that the proposed topology is in fact viable from an engineering perspective.
  • Concept evaluation/feasibility studies
  • Project Scheduling and Management
  • Product requirements and specifications
  • Technical risk assessment
  • Cost Estimates

We live in an era where we are constantly bombarded with new innovative products and components enabling us to do things better, faster and with less power. However, when evaluating which technology platform is most suitable for a product, traditional design values remain true, and metrics such as effectiveness, reliability and longevity must always remain at the forefront of any design.

With the majority of the design process being focussed on electronics and software, attention must also be directed to other aspects of design that permeate through the entire creation process and would typically include such topics as user ergonomics, ease of use or installation, design for manufacture, and expandability as a platform for future generations of the product.
  • Embedded system design for 8/16/32 bit processors
  • Wireless system design
  • Control system design and software development
  • Signal Processing and conditioning
  • Power management design
  • PCB design
  • Fault Tolerant and safety critical design

To the Marketplace
Product reliability must always be at the forefront of any product development strategy. Warranty costs are not only financially damaging, but also damage to reputation and loss of sales can prematurely end the life of a product. Pre-production validation, Beta-site/lifetime testing and regulatory approval create a platform on which production can commence with a high degree of product confidence. Forming strong relationships with component suppliers and manufacturers and post production engineering support are essential for a successful product.
  • Fault Insertion Testing
  • Regulatory Approvals / CE marking
  • Lifetime and environmental testing
  • Beta site test strategy design and monitoring
  • Production/Manufacturing liaison and test strategy
  • Post production support

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