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aaronlilburn.com is a highly creative video production company based just outside Belfast, Northern Ireland. Working with a variety of clients from within Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Mainland UK and Worldwide. We have over 25 years experience in the television and corporate world. Have a look at some of the examples of our work.

This question depends on the type of video you require. We do turn videos around very quickly, but preparation is the key. The more time we have to prepare the video shoot, the smoother the process will be. Please be assured that aaronlilburn.com have not once missed a deadline for a client. If the deadline is tight, this is no problem, We will clearly set-out what needs to be done to achieve this deadline and initiate a plan of action.

This is similar to the classic “how long is piece of string” question. A simple answer would be the more complex a video, the more it will cost. We are very transparent with our costs and there will be no additional costs from what was initially quoted, unless the brief is changed. We can quickly provide a guide price and this can be used to inform the rest of the process. We make sure that we work within your budget restraints to get the best video possible and that your message is concise and clear, no matter what budget we are working with. Please remember that a video does not have to be exorbitant, as long as the message is right for your business, aaronlilburn.com can produce an impactful video for any budget.

Here at aaronlilburn.com we encourage it. Sometimes we will film hours of footage for a client that will be edited down to only a few minutes. We always talk to the client about using the footage for other prjects in the future. With that in mind, we may shoot alternative content, conduct some more interviews etc... knowing that thery may be use for it in the future. The cost for filming will not change and so we try to get the most from it. This also is a good way for you to think beyond the initial project.

As music is protected by international copyright law, we need to purchase the right to use it — the more popular the music, the harder and more costly to obtain the rights. Here at aaronlilburn.com we have partnerships with production music companies around the world and can source great royalty free music at an affordable cost. Many clients want their video to feature the latest chart music but not only would it be expensive to gain the rights too, many of the online social platforms have technology that will identify the music when uploaded and block it. Of course there is a selection of free domain music that can be obtained, but these don’t always produce good results. Finding more original music is very often worth the investment, in pursuit of maintaining a high standard of production value and appeal.

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