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About Pulse-Air Ltd

As well as the supply and installation of compressed air systems, PULSE-AIR offer service and repair maintenance on all other makes and models of compressed air equipment.

We offer our customers everything they need to design, install and operate their compressed air systems.

Servicing and maintaining all types of air compressors for many types of businesses, from mechanics' garages and tyre depots to large manufacturing companies.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.

  • We offer 24/7 emergency support services
  • Our products are energy efficient and designed with the latest technological advances
  • Our technicians are highly trained in the installation and servicing of all compressed air equipment
  • We offer maintenance and support services for all of our products
  • We carry an extensive selection of spare parts for all the equipment we sell

  • Expert support in all phases of your compressed air system
  • A team of specialists for different project areas
  • Broad coverage of engineering disciplines
  • Personalised and practical solutions based on defined project characteristic


This is the ideal solution for all users that need a screw compressor meeting the requirements of reliability, efficiency, total accessibility. Energy consumption is optimised, if compared to a piston compressor with the same airflow rate. Moreover, running and maintenance costs are reduced with a minimum footprint.
  • Direct-driven
  • Direct start, ON/OFF system with pressure transducer
  • Floor standing with option of 100L or 150L
  • Air release from 240 to 350 L/MIN at 10 bar
  • Anti-condensation system

Thanks to the electronic control unit, it entwines the need for reliability, efficiency and the typical functionalities of the greatest screw compressors; it is also designed to run continuously.

The ‘Direct Drive’ (Gear box) series, thanks to its ground-breaking patent for gear driven systems with separate lubrication from the air-end leading to no loading leakage, offers greater reliability and longer lifecycle than traditional belt-driven systems. Compression units are integrated in just one air-end with the purpose of reducing overall dimensions, making installation easier and curtailing maintenance costs.

As a result of a great number of available configurations, it allows a wide cost-saving choice for each productive need. Total function control through a user friendly control board. Reduced overall dimensions and simplified installation are a winning card to overcome space problems. Cost savings are huge. There are no added installation charges for desiccant dryers and tank components, since they are wholly assembled. Air leakage from connection pipe is also absent.

The ‘C’ Series, a Poly V belt-driven system with a cast-iron taper-hub pulley, always ensures the highest reliability in any work condition. Minimizing power losses and guaranteeing a low noise level for each revolution and perfect alignment of the rotating elements. Thanks to the system of sliding plate for the electric motor, the belt tightening process is made easier, allowing its accurate adjustment. The ‘C’ series entwines the benefits of a compact screw compressor, with low management costs and excellent performance, mainly in the applications requiring continuous running.

Total function control through a user-friendly electronic board. Reduced overall dimensions and simplified installation are a winning card to overcome space problems. Cost savings are huge. There are no added installation charges for desiccant dryers and tank components, since they are wholly assembled. Air leakage from connection pipes is also absent.

The variable speed series comprises a range of compressors at variable speed with an inverter. They are designed to optimize energy consumption when running at intervals. Direct-Driven with an innovative separator tank device and the use of energy efficient motors, the variable speed compressors offer remarkable advantages in terms of user-friendliness, reliability, high energy savings, low noise levels and reduced maintenance costs.

The variable speed, installed in systems with discontinuous air consumption ensure reduction of energy costs as it is able to adjust the speed of the air end based on the consumption of compressed air being used by the plant. This operation mode saves energy by establishing an ideal balance between energy consumption and compressed air release. Direct-driven compressors with a 1:1 ratio. This means that the air-end and motor, directly connected via a coupling rotate at the same speed. This not only reduces energy consumption but it also decreases the level of noise.

Servicing & Maintenance
Pulse Air’s high purchasing power means we’re able to pass on our savings to you. Our expert technicians can help you choose an air compressor system that works with your mechanical equipment.

Data Logging
Pulse-Air’s Data Logger is designed specifically to perform compressed air audits. With one second data readings it is the most precise data logger for long term (week long) audits available.

Leak Survey
Compressed air leaks can cost businesses thousands of pounds per year. Pulse Air can find these compressed air leaks to help save you money and energy.

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