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About Rainvault Ltd

Rainvault custom design, manufacture, and install rain harvesting systems to the client's specification. Established in 2005 and centrally located in mid-Ulster, Rainvault enjoys continued growth throughout Ireland in the private, commercial and public sectors. Our aim is to provide sensible, economic solutions to the complex issue of water conservation. In association with Queens University Belfast (QUESTOR Centre), Invest NI and incorporating locally based industrial expertise, Rainvault now set the standard in rain harvesting. Rainvault manage all projects from concept to completion, saving up to 100% on mains water usage and with substantial savings on water charges on all systems.

What is a Rainvault Rain Harvesting System?
Our rain harvesting system collects run-off rainwater from the roof, through the downpipes, filters out debris and stores it in an underground tank. The water is pumped through our panel before being distributed throughout the points of use within the dwelling, providing water saving solutions across all applications.

Why choose ecovault over traditional rain harvesting systems?
Unlike traditional rain harvesting systems, the ecovault system incorporates an i-smart gravity tank in the loft which has intelligent sensors to control the pump in the underground tank. The header tank only refills once it’s nearly empty (whilst traditional rainwater systems make the pump start and stop every time any amount of water is used). This means wear on the pump and electricity usage are both massively reduced by using ecovault.

Benefits & Savings
Key Benefits
The most beneficial element of Rain Harvesting is the reduction in water bills, resulting in savings of 50%-100% on mains water usage.

Water charges are a reality and conservation is a necessity. Yet one of the earth's most precious resources is routinely wasted. Water charges are already in place for businesses and could be applied to households. Forward planning is vital to reduce or eliminate water bills and future proof your property.
  • Water supply even if the mains water is off
  • Minimal, low cost maintenance
  • Reduces the risk of flooding (Sustainable Urban Drainage System)
  • Decreased demand on mains water reserve
  • Back-up mains supply included in the system
  • Massive environmental impact - no chemicals used
  • Enhanced Capital Allowance (E.C.A.) 1st year
  • Low installation cost
  • Provides soft water which is more favourable for personal hygiene, cooking and drinking. Use of soft water in appliances eliminates scale.

The British water association has estimated:
  • The benefits of the use of soft water in the home could save the average 4-person household in the region of £200 each year
  • 1.6mm (1/16") of scale build-up in heating systems (due to use of hard water) will cause a 12% loss in heating efficiency.

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