Blackout Over Irish Lightbulb Switch

Environment Minister John Gormley has abandoned his plans for a ban on incandescent light bulbs.

In a statement this afternoon, Mr Gormley said proposed EU regulations would eliminate the need for Ireland to introduce its own minimum standards and he would be writing to all Irish MEPs urging them to support the Commission's plan.

However, Fine Gael have claimed that the "U-Turn" means the Government's ajenda is now "Green free" and are asking what is now the Green parties contribution to government.

Fine Gael Environment Spokesman, Phil Hogan TD said: "After this latest U-turn by the Greens, the question once again being asked by everybody is: 'What is the Green Party's contribution in Government?'

"John Gormley's decision is the last piece of the capitulation jigsaw of Green participation in Government with Fianna Fáil in terms of implementation of the Programme for Government. There is now nothing in the Programme that is even slightly 'Green-tinged'.

MR Hogan added: "It's worth noting that, since their decision to participate with Fianna Fáil in Government, the economy has slumped and the cuts in public expenditure have centred around education, health and the elderly - particularly the withdrawal of the over-70s medical card.

"In the same vein as the light bulb proposal this could mean the lights are going out on the Greens participation in Government."


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