Poll Says Public Servants 'Should Take Pay Cut'

A poll has revealed the majority of Irish voters believe public servants should take a pay cut in light of the economic recession.

The figures from an Irish Times poll show 53% of respondents thought the Budget should have included wage reductions in the public and civil service.

The survey asked if public servants should follow the example of the Taoiseach and his Ministers, who took a 10% pay cut in the Budget, to ensure there would be no reductions in public services. A total of 53% agree, with 40% saying they should not, and 7% undecided.

A majority of respondents also favoured spending cuts over tax increases, but most also said they believed last month's Budget was too tough.

Meanwhile 63% said it was too tough, 10% not tough enough, and 21% believed it was about right in the circumstances.


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