Gardaí Campaign On Basic Crime Prevention

Gardaí have launched a campaign to tackle everyday crime, which they believe could easily be stopped.

Crime statistics released by garda show common everyday crimes of burglary and theft account for around 80% of all crimes reported in Ireland last year.

The figures have increased in the last three months and the opportunistic nature of the crimes has prompted garda to release advice on how to prevent much of this crime.

In order to address the situation An Garda Síochána are launching a campaign to increase public awareness of the problem and putting measures in place to advise people on what actions they should take to avoid becoming victim to these forms of crime.

A campaign has been announced for the Crimecall programme with radio and newspaper interviews stepping up to carry the message.

Garda information stands will also be erected at shopping centres throughout the country.

In the campaign message, garda will include advice such as: Most burglaries are committed by opportunist thieves; Almost two out of three burglaries take place between 8am and 8pm, when victims are, for example, out washing their car and a burglar goes in back door.

Garda also advise that we can become victims of crime when we least expect it, for example at the Gym, in the Pub or Restaurant or while shopping. Thieves often use the fact that people are relaxed, concentrating on other matters or careless with their property.

Other advice includes: When carrying out your normal daily routine, consider some ways to prevent property from being stolen; When shopping or in crowded areas take care of personal property in particular handbags, wallets, cash, bank cards, mobile phones or MP 3 players; If visiting a gym or other sports facility leave your valuables at home, if you must bring them lock them in the boot of your car prior to arriving; If possible, use cash-machines during the day - put your card and cash away and be vigilant - and never write down your PIN.

There will also be advice for drivers and community related ways you can tackle crime.

The garda website will be publishing information on how to keep you and your property safe at: www.garda.ie.


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