Mayo Man Regains Sight Using Son’s Tooth

A Mayo man who was blinded during an industrial accident has been given a second chance to see by doctors.

By using a new procedure called Osteo-Odonto-Keratoprosthesis, a new cornea was grafted for 57 year-old Robert Nichol from his son’s tooth.

The technique was developed in Italy in the 1960’s. It involves a support for an artificial cornea being created from a tooth and the surrounding jaw bone.

The procedure, which only had a 65% chance of success, took a gruelling 15 hours over two sessions to complete and one year on the operation is bearing fruit.

“Now I have enough sight for me to get around and I can watch television. I have come from complete darkness to being able to do simple things,” said Mr Nichol.

Mr Nichol lost his sight after molten aluminium was splashed into his eyes during an industrial explosion.


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