Belfast's Top Museum Options In 2022

While some people visit Northern Ireland to sample its fishing locations or to venture to Banbridge to take in the Game Of Thrones studio tour, others are intrigued by its rich history and tradition. One of the best ways to keep yourself entertained during a stay in any city is by visiting its selection of museums. Thankfully, for visitors and residents of Belfast, Northern Ireland’s capital has plenty of options that are well worth experiencing.

Let’s assess some of Belfast’s must-visit museums below.

North Down Museum

Offering a selection of rooms that tell the story of the North Down area from the Bronze Age to the present day, North Down Museum is a favoured choice for many people who live in and visit Belfast. With a selection of important artefacts on show, including the Bangor Bell and the Raven Maps, you’ll most definitely have an interesting and fact-filled day out in a lovely location.

Ulster Museum

One of the most popular museums in the city, particularly with younger people, Ulster Museum houses a collection of art, history and natural sciences to keep its thousands of visitors thoroughly entertained. Featuring new and old history, the museum offers people with an educational but fun experience thanks to its interactive discovery zones and science-filled offerings. If you and your family are in need of a day out, then Ulster Museum should definitely be under serious consideration.

Whitehead Railway Museum

A five-gallery museum that allows visitors to walk through historic train carriages and learn about steam engine heritage and how exactly they work, Whitehead Railway Museum is a fascinating museum to explore. A particular favourite with train enthusiasts, Whitehead Railway Museum allows its visitors to learn about restoration work, while even telling a few comical stories of the railways along the way also.

War Memorial Gallery

If you have a fascination with history and, more specifically, why US forces were in Northern Ireland during the Second World War, then the War Memorial Gallery will almost definitely keep you entertained. Also focussing on the Home Front, the gallery features material from both world wars and does a remarkable job of bringing it all to life. For example, the Belfast blitz of 1941 is recalled with an iconic memorial by the distinguished Irish sculptress Carolyn Mulholland and is something many people can’t wait to see when visiting the War Memorial Gallery.

Ulster Folk Museum

Offerings its thousands of visitors with an instant step back in time, Ulster Folk Museum showcases life from 100 years ago in a glorious setting. From quaint cottages and shops to an opportunity to learn about traditional crafts and farming, Ulster Folk Museum has plenty to offer for the average guest. You can even enjoy a walk around the Transport Museum, too. The Transport Museum features everything from motorbikes to horse-drawn carriages to electric trams. Overall, Ulster Folk Museum is highly recommended.

Other options include Ulster American Folk Park and Museum at The Mill.

Alongside visiting popular art galleries, such as the Metropolitan Arts Centre (The MAC), and experiencing Northern Irish football at a Linfield FC match, Belfast’s museums represent a genuinely interesting and entertaining alternative. While many people play games, like The Irish Luck casino slot game, and drink world-famous beverages such as Guinness and essentially focus on the stereotypical Irish offerings, on the whole, there is actually so much more to learn about the country during a typical visit. As such, visiting one of Belfast’s informative museums will enable you to delve deeper into the country’s history and traditions and explore a treasure trove of the past and the present.

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