Revenue Officers Seize Smuggled Cigarettes In Co Cork

Revenue officers have seized more than 36,500 smuggled cigarettes in a search operation in Mallow, Co Cork, with the assistance of Revenue detector dog Eva.

The search took place after a quantity of the seized cigarettes had initially been identified by Revenue officers in a freight consignment originating in the UK, listed on the manifest as 'advertising stuff'. The seized cigarettes were branded 'Pect Blue' and 'NZ Slims', with a retail value of approximately €21,900, representing a potential loss to the Exchequer of €17,300.

A Polish man in his 30's was questioned at the scene by Revenue officers and a file is being prepared for the Director of Public Prosecutions.

The majority of people pay the right amount of tax and duty. If businesses, or members of the public, have any information about smuggling or the sale of illegal tobacco products, they can contact Revenue on Confidential phone number 1800 295 295.

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28 November 2018
Series Of Search Operations Carried Out Across Dublin And Galway
A series of search operations have been carried out at five residential addresses and four business premises in Dublin, and one business premises in Galway.
28 June 2013
Officers Seize €20,000 At Knock Airport
Revenue officers seized €20,000 in cash from a couple who landed in Knock airport having returned from Lanzarote. The can was concealed in items of clothing and carry-on luggage. The cash was seized under the Proceeds of Crime Act and investigations are continuing.
13 October 2016
Over 900,000 Cigarettes Seized In Three Customs Service Operations
Revenue's Customs Service have seized 900,000 cigarettes at Dublin Port as a result of routine profiling. On Wednesday, 12 October, the cigarettes were detected, with the help of detector dog Casey, in five pallets which were marked as 'catering equipment' and had arrived into Dublin from the Netherlands.
29 October 2015
Cigarettes And Cash Seized In Limerick
Ten thousand cigarettes and almost €7,000 in cash have been seized by Revenue Officers during a planned vehicle search in Limerick. The 'M&J' cigarettes and cash were discovered when a car was stopped and searched by officers in Limerick city.
24 September 2015
More Than 400,000 Illegal Cigarettes Seized In Cork
Illegal cigarettes worth an estimated €220,000 have been seized by Revenue officers in Cork. Officers found approximately 42,000 unstamped 'NZ Slim' cigarettes were seized at a commercial premises in Cork city. The cigarettes were concealed inside several 'mannequins'.
18 May 2016
Over 29,000 Cigarettes And Car Seized By Revenue Officers
Revenue officers have seized more than 29,000 illegal cigarettes during a series of searches in Finglas and Dublin city centre. Officers made the seizure during the search of an apartment in Finglas and retail premises in Dublin on Tuesday.
09 October 2012
€3.1m Cigarettes Seized At Dublin Port
Customs officers at Dublin Port discovered eight million smuggled cigarettes, stored in boxes labelled “garlic and cheese tear and share”. The find was made by officers using a mobile scanner during a routine check of a refrigerated unit that had arrived at the port from Rotterdam.
08 December 2015
Illegal Cigarettes Seized In Joint Revenue And Garda Operation
Ten thousand illegal cigarettes have been seized in the Thurles area by Revenue officers in a joint operation with Garda. The 'Excellence' branded cigarettes were seized when officers stopped a car in an intelligence-led operation.
21 October 2015
Ten Million Illegal Cigarettes Seized In Co Meath
Ten million cigarettes worth an estimated €5.25m have been seized by Revenue officers in Slane, Co Meath. Supported by garda, Revenue officers uncovered the cigarettes inside a container, which had travelled from Vietnam via Singapore and Rotterdam, arrived into Dublin Port on Thursday, 15 October.
16 June 2016
25,000 Cigarettes Seized In Co Cork
Revenue Officers in Cork have seized 25,000 cigarettes following a search operation at a house in Macroom. The cigarettes, branded 'Marlboro', 'L&M', 'Mayfair' and 'Che', have a retail value in excess of €13,000, representing a loss of around €10,400 to the Exchequer.
19 October 2015
Revenue Officers Seize Thousands Of Illegal Cigarettes
Cigarettes worth a retail value of almost €30,000 have been seized at Dublin Airport. A total of 56,000 'L&M' and 'Marlboro' branded cigarettes were discovered in the luggage of four Romanian nationals who had arrived on a flight from Moldova via Istanbul.
14 July 2017
6.5m Smuggled Cigarettes Seized At Dublin Port
Up to 6.5 million smuggled cigarettes have been seized by Revenue officers at Dublin Port, that had arrived from Vietnam, via Rotterdam. Revenue's mobile x-ray scanner was deployed in an intelligence-led operation and the cigarettes were identified in a shipping container said to contain "paper".
07 February 2008
200,000 Contraband Cigarettes Seized In Cork
Gardai and customs officers seized 200,000 contraband cigarettes in Cork yesterday. The cigarettes were discovered in number of operations. 60,000 smuggled cigarettes were found during a search of a van being driven by a Moldovan national in Fermoy. In a follow-up operation, a further 22,000 were discovered on the north side of Cork city.
31 March 2015
Over Ten Million Cigarettes Seized At Dublin Port
Revenue Customs Officers have seized over 10.3 million cigarettes, with a retail value of over €4.7m at Dublin Port. The Don Corleone cigarettes were hidden in a 40-foot container and were described as "paper handkerchiefs" on the manifest. The investigation is continuing.
09 July 2012
€2.7m Worth Of Cigarettes Seized In Dublin Port
7 million contraband cigarettes, with a retail value of around €2.7m, have been seized at Dublin Port by customs officers. The "Raquel" and "Capital" brand cigarettes arrived in Dublin Port from Zeebrugge in Belgium in a shipment described as "non-hazardous groupage".