Almost 12,000 Contacted Dublin Rape Crises Centre In 2015

Almost 12,000 people contact the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre in 2015, the organisation has reported.

The official figures shows that half of those contacting the national helpline were doing so for the first time about rape or sexual abuse. There was also a slight rise in calls from people who needed to talk about sexual violence in adulthood than those who had suffered sexual abuse as children.

In addition to the telephone line which is a national 24-Hour service, the Centre provided face to face therapy to 499 people and accompanied victims of sexual violence to the Rotunda Sexual Assault Treatment Unit, as well as to court and Garda stations in the Dublin area.

Introducing its 2015 Annual Report, Dublin Rape Crisis Centre Chairperson Ann Marie Gill, said: "We aim to ensure that those who are victims of sexual violence get the crisis counselling, therapy and support that they need to heal. We also use our voice and our experience as an organisation to prevent the harm of rape in the first place.

"Our report today shows that reducing the trauma of rape and sexual abuse is very complex. It involves supporting victims through counselling and therapy as well as in the justice system. The consequences of the crimes of rape and sexual assault are often hidden but it is essential that those who are affected are given the chance and the right to recover."

At the launch of the report in Dublin today, 27 July, Dr. Katherine Zappone, Minister for Children and Youth Affairs said: "Rape causes trauma, loneliness and fear. In these most desperate of moments the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre offers sanctuary. As a feminist, campaigner and Government Minister I fully support your work over the past 40-years and value your input into the formation of policy and law. I believe we must continue to work together to protect and support victims, increase awareness and end sexual abuse in all its forms."


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