400,000 Cigarettes Seized At Dublin Port

Revenue Officers at Dublin Port have seized 400,000 cigarettes, uncovered in a container that arrived from Armenia.

The contraband cigarettes were found concealed within pallets of paving bricks and were found when, as a result of routine profiling, a 20 foot container had arrived into Dublin Port from Armenia and was selected for scanning.

The L&M Soft Plus-branded cigarettes have a retail value of € 212,698, representing a potential loss to the Exchequer of over €167,876. The seizures are part of Revenue's ongoing operations targeting the supply and sale of illegal cigarettes in the shadow economy.


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09 October 2012
€3.1m Cigarettes Seized At Dublin Port
Customs officers at Dublin Port discovered eight million smuggled cigarettes, stored in boxes labelled “garlic and cheese tear and share”. The find was made by officers using a mobile scanner during a routine check of a refrigerated unit that had arrived at the port from Rotterdam.
31 March 2015
Over Ten Million Cigarettes Seized At Dublin Port
Revenue Customs Officers have seized over 10.3 million cigarettes, with a retail value of over €4.7m at Dublin Port. The Don Corleone cigarettes were hidden in a 40-foot container and were described as "paper handkerchiefs" on the manifest. The investigation is continuing.
13 April 2012
38 Million Cigarettes Intercepted At Dublin Port
Dublin Port customers officers have seized 38 million cigarettes with a retail value of €14.7m. The cigarettes filled four 40-foot shipping containers and represented a potential loss to the Exchequer of €13.1m. Each container carried around 9.
25 September 2012
7.6 Million Smuggled Cigarettes Seized At Dublin Port
Smuggled cigarettes worth €2.9m have been seized by customs officers, amid calls by retailers for a minimum €10,000 fine to stop what they called an “epidemic”. The average fine for smuggling cigarettes has dropped by 38% between the first and second quarter of the year and the average for selling the goods has fallen by over 20%.
06 December 2019
Over 234,000 Cigarettes Seized At Dublin Airport
Revenue officers using routine profiling have seized over 234,000 cigarettes at Dublin Airport. The cigarettes branded 'Benson & Hedges' were found concealed in 17 boxes described as 'metal transistors'. They had arrived via Amsterdam on a flight from China.