FF Warn That 'Lives Will Be Lost' In Traffic Request Backlog

Fianna Fáil have warned that "lives will be lost" unless Dublin City Council addresses the current Traffic Requests Backlog.

Issuing the warning, Fianna Fáil leader on the council, Paul McAuliffe, said: "Thousands of traffic queries, many of them urgent safety improvement requests, are waiting to be actioned by officials in the Traffic Department of Dublin City Council.

"These requests range from installing speed bumps, stop signs, children at play signs, and requests for repairs. They are all important to the lives of people."

In a question to Dublin City Council, the councillor found out that 4,331 traffic requests are currently outstanding out of a total of 8,161 requests received between September 2014 and January 2016.

"It just isn't good enough that 53% of requests are not being dealt with. We need a plan to address these issues as quickly as possible," he continued. "The Minister for the Environment and the City Manager must provide extra resources to the Traffic Department to clear this backlog as quickly as possible."


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