Labour Opposes Calls For CCTV Cameras To Be Installed In Creches

Labour Party T.D. for Waterford, Ciara Conway, has opposed calls for the installation of CCTV cameras in creches, which have come in the aftermath of RTE's Prime Time programme 'Breach of Trust,' which documented abuses occurring in private childcare facilities.

She said: "There have been calls for the installation of CCTV cameras in creches to provide parents with the opportunity to check in on what is happening in the creche throughout the day. In light of the horrendous footage shown on Prime Time, the idea that this could reassure parents is understandable. However, it is neither workable, nor is it enough to truly solve the problem that is facing us.

"The Data Protection Commissioner, Billy Hawkes, has warned against this idea – stating that it may infringe upon the rights of parents who may not want their children recorded in this manner, as well as infringing on the rights of employees.

"More importantly, it will do nothing to solve the root causes of mistreatment. We must focus on ensuring that those who are responsible for caring for children are fully trained, and have the necessary qualifications. We must provide support for childcare workers, through mentoring, coaching and other kinds of practical support. It is by focusing on these issues that we will ensure that children are getting the best care, and that their developmental needs are being met."


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