Fianna Fail Using 'Smear Tactics' – Adams

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams has accused Fianna Fáil of engaging in a smear campaign against him.

Responding to comments made by the former governing party, Mr Adams said that instead of offering the "public solutions to the serious problems", they were engaged in a smear campaign against Sinn Fein.

Speaking on radio this lunchtime Mr Adams said Sinn Féin was not interested in "negative campaigning" and was bringing forward practical proposals and solutions.

Mr Adams said: "Micheál Martin is engaging in a smear campaign against myself and Sinn Fein in an effort to mask the fact that Fianna Fáil offers no real solutions and no real proposals to kick-start the economy, sort out the banks and get people working.

"Fianna Fáil wrecked the economy and has no real solutions to the mess they created."

Mr Adams comments follow a statement by Mary Hanafin claiming that Micheal Martin had "exposed Sinn Fein's economic illiteracy", during last night's five-way leader's televised debate. The comment is believed to be in reference to Mr Adam's recent gaffe during which he was apparently unaware of the impact cuts would have on child benefit or the VAT rate.

Ms Hanafin added Gerry Adams would need to be "a magician" to implement his fiscal policies and that Micheal Martin highlighted the "illusory" nature of Sinn Fein's claim that they would not have to implement cuts in expenditure, nor cuts in taxes while sending the IMF packing and, at the same time, still manage to maintain public services.

"In all of the key moments in the debate, Micheál Martin was in control and made intelligent, sensible and credible points," the former Minister said.

However, Mr Adams today retorted: "People are struggling to cope with the affects of Fianna Fáil’s budget and austerity measures. There are almost half a million people on the dole, thousands are emigrating and our health and education systems are in tatters."


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