Irish Film, TV And Animation Perform Well

The Audiovisual Federation - the Irish Business and Employers

Confederation (IBEC) group, that represents the feature film, television and animation sectors, has launched its 2010 review of film and television production in Ireland.

IBEC's report covers 257 audiovisual productions completed in the Irish Republic in 2009, with a total production value of €243.3m.

Despite the recession, the figures for 2009 remained robust with only a slight decrease on 2008 figures of €246.8m.

Estimates for 2010 are, however, showing a projected significant production value increase to €367m, with the feature film and independent TV including major TV drama sectors performing particularly well with its production value increasing from €58.6 million and €127.1m in 2009 to an estimated €101m and €206m respectively this year.

Major productions in 2010 included Camelot, Primeval 4, The Last Furlong and Haywire.

Speaking at the launch, Audiovisual Federation Director Tommy McCabe said: "The non Irish funding for the sector in 2009 was €127.7m, which exceeded indigenous funding and showed that Ireland is performing well in attracting outside investment. This trend is reflected in the 2010 estimates.

"Furthermore, the estimated Irish expenditure of €225m for 2010 is a record amount for the sector.

"Given the current economic climate, the sector continues to perform well. The sector attracts significant international funding creating employment and adding value to the Irish economy."

Films produced in 2009 include Leap Year and The Guard, indigenous TV productions in 2009 such as RTÉ's Raw, All Ireland Talent Show, and The Afternoon Show and TG4's Na Cloigne and Rásaí na Gaillimhe (TG4).

Animation performed well with its production value increasing from €38.9m in 2008 to €57.6m in 2009.

Animated projects included Chloe's Closet, Gumball and The Octanauts.

Kevin Moriarty, Managing Director of Ardmore Studios and Chairman of the Audiovisual Federation Database Committee, which produced the Report, said: "The Government continues to provide significant support and endorsement for both the Irish Film Board and the Irish Audiovisual sector by ensuring that the capital budget for the Irish Film Board in 2011 will be €16 million only a small decrease of €0.5million from 2010."


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