Dáil 'Failing People' On Property: Adams

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams said that the Irish Government has "failed the people" and lambasted Brian Cowen's suggestion that there were no warnings about the collapse of the property market.

Speaking in Dublin where he attended a meeting of the party's Ard Comhairle, Mr Adams said a "radical republican political agenda, based on citizens rights" was needed.

"Following a very successful election campaign for Sinn Féin we are now planning ahead for the North's Assembly elections and discussing how best to promote the party’s progressive political agenda here in the South," he said.

"The Taoiseach has commented about Fianna Fáil's role in contributing to the economic and banking crisis and has claimed that there were no warnings from the political opposition about the property bubble.

"However, the truth is that Sinn Féin repeatedly raised this issue in the Dáil.

"The government, for its own electoral reasons, and because of the vested interests which it sought to protect, chose to disregard this.

"The government has failed the people."

He continued: "It is clear that a radical republican political agenda based on citizens rights is needed now more than ever.

"The government's most recent refusal to hold overdue by-elections because they fear the result, leaving constituencies unrepresented, is shameful. So is the refusal to accept responsibility for the current economic crisis."


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