Robinson Not 'Selling' Justice Deal Says SF

The North's top poliician, Peter Robinson has "breached" his pledge to "sell" the devolution of policing and justice to unionist communities, the Sinn Féin President has claimed.

Gerry Adams's comments came as Mr Robinson said his party would not be "blackmailed" by republicans over the transfer of judiciary powers.

Both the DUP and Sinn Féin met with Prime Minister Gordon Brown in Downing Street on Saturday.

The talks were held amid growing tensions between both parties, who earlier secured a reported £1bn financial package to establish the new local department.

Sinn Féin has said the powers should be devolved to Stormont as soon as possible.

The DUP has attached several preconditions to the deal, which it says must be fulfilled before the unionist community can have faith in a Northern Ireland justice ministry.

Speaking in Canada at the weekend, Mr Adams accused the Westminster government of being "very unhelpful", calling on London to stand over its Good Friday Agreement duties.

He said the DUP's insistence to link other matters, such as the dissolutions of the Parades Commission, was "unacceptable".

"This is a stand alone issue. There is no linkage between it and any other issue," said Mr Adams.

"The DUP is in breach of the commitments it entered into at St Andrews. It is also in breach of the commitment given by the DUP leader two months ago that if the financial package was secured he would go out and sell it to the community."

The republican leader said the DUP's "obstructive approach" to making the institutions work was "eroding public confidence".

Mr Robinson last week threatened to halt progress, adding his party would neither submit nor negotiate in a "climate of blackmail".


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