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About Advanced Packaging Machinery Ltd

Metal Detection, X-Ray Inspection, Weighing & Packaging Solutions

APM is the leading supplier of inspection, detection and weighing solutions to ensure your product meets the highest quality standards.

All our products and services are strategically designed to provide optimum performance and exceed your quality expectations.

The APM main office is based just off the M50 in Dublin with further technical service division based in Northern Ireland.

Advanced Packaging Machinery are the leading suppliers of metal detection systems with unrivalled technical backup support.

APM combine our expert application knowledge with the robust, high performing build quality of the Fortress Metal Detector. Our systems can be custom built to the customers specification and are fully compliant to all the retailer codes of practice. All our systems are built to withstand rugged, harsh environments as standard

Hands on – Expert Advice: We do not simply “sell” metal detectors, we offer the complete solution. This starts before the initial customer contact as we utilise over 20 years experience in the determining the optimum specification for your system.

The Sparc range of X-Ray inspection systems are versatile, robust and offer maximum detection of contaminants such as metals, glass, high-density plastics, bone and rubber.

Extremely operator friendly, the software is designed for quick menu generation and product change overs.

They are designed to last in the harshest of production environments and can also be combined with integrated weighing system. This combination system will ensure thorough product integrity with both contaminant and weight control.

Our magnets and separator systems are widely used throughout many industries for the removal of ferrous metals and para-magnetic contamination from process lines and preventing damage to machinery.

APM supply a range of standard and bespoke magnet systems to strengthen a HACCP system in helping to prevent product contamination.

High quality, high powered magnet separators can be used for most applications including powders, grains, liquids, meats/ poultry, plastics etc. and can vary from single bar type to automated rotary magnets with automatic cleaning functions. Many of our magnetic systems can also be supplied with full ATEX certification

Ensuring your product conforms to your weight requirement and international standards can also save you money.

APM can provide a full range of weighing solutions to suit applications within every industry.
From a standard, standalone checkweigher to a customised full turn-key weighing and grading line.

We design, develop and supply systems of the highest quality manufacturing practice and industry leading technology

APM offer an extensive range of metal detectable and x-ray visible products to help our customers strengthen their GMP and HACCP management systems.

These include metal detectable pens and stationary, tools and engineering materials to the food, pharmaceutical and packaging industry to name a few.

By using our range of metal detectable products, users demonstrate due diligence in the protection of their customers and consumer.

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Advanced Packaging Machinery Ltd News

Aug 18, 2015
Metal Detectable Products

We are pleased to announce that we now supply metal detectable and x-ray visible products for the food industry.

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