G M Tumbler, Dungannon

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028 8775 8256
07976 184138
Camaghy Road South,
County Tyrone
BT70 2NT

About G M Tumbler

GM. Tumbler was established in 2011 to provide replacement concrete/cement-mixer drums/bottles and spare parts to readymix concrete manufacturers throughout Ireland and the UK. We can build replacement drums for all makes.

We use wear-resistant steel on the outer skins, blades and tips. With our unique mixer-blade arrangement, our mixer drums have no bother mixing and discharging semi-dry concrete or special mortar mixes.

Replacement Drums
Replacement mixer drums are available for all makes. They are completed in approximately three weeks, including being blasted and primed. Fitting to a vehicle takes place on our premises in one day.

Chutes and Hoppers
Made-to-measure chutes and hoppers to fit all existing mixers. Available in both round- and square-profile mouths. Built using wear-resistant steel.

Drum Refurbishment
Don't need a whole new drum? No problem, GM Tumbler can refresh your drum. Worn parts can be replaced. The drum can be blasted and blades re-tipped.
Get in contact to arrange an inspection and quote for bringing your drum back to near-new.

New Concrete Mixers
We manufacture and supply our own transit mixers for all sizes of truck and trailer, from mini-mix to trailer mixer. All our drums are made from wear-resistant steel, and our mixer is loaded with special features and innovative designs.

Bespoke Manufacture
GM Tumbler also provide a custom build-to-specification service. Feel free to send through drawings for our inspection and quotation. Previous examples of our bespoke build work include:

Underground Mining Equipment
Bespoke machines built for use in underground mining operations.

Mortar Silos
We offer a range of mobile silos for use on construction sites and sales yards.

Gearboxes, Pumps and Motors
Direct replacements sourced and fitted within one week.

Rollers are available for all mixer makes on next-day delivery.

Cables, Controls, Handpumps & Rams
Contact us for any control items you need replacement. Typically next-day delivery, and we can fit them for you.

For any other questions or enquiries, please contact us!

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