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43 Grove Rd,
County Londonderry
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About Currie Engineering (Garvagh) Ltd

Modern Precision Machines & Workshop

Currie Engineering has been in business for over 30 years, starting originally as a jobbing shop servicing local industries.
They quickly progressed into bespoke machine building, designing, manufacturing and building intricate machines for electronics and medical companies such as AVX, Seagate and Galen Pharmaceuticals. They then expanded by introducing sheet metal fabrication into the business, in order to service, and achieve the quality, required for the machine building business. Unfortunately after 9/11 the machine build business declined sharply and they quickly diversified into sub-con precision engineering, whilst at the same time expanding the fabrication end of the business.

Present Day
The business and the customer base have grown steadily since then. A sustained investment programme in machinery and people has resulted in modern machine shop, staffed with a skilled and dedicated workforce. The current customer base includes the likes of Howden Ltd, Crane Stockham Valve, Crossland Tankers, Mivan, and many smaller local companies. The company has recently achieved ISO 9001:2015 which is in line with the company objectives of producing high quality product at competitive prices for their customers.

Currie Engineering (Garvagh) Ltd are based in Garvagh, Northern Ireland. We specialise in Small and Large part turning, milling & grinding.
  • Modern precision machines & workshop.
  • In business over 30 years.
  • Skilled and dedicated work force.
  • Sustained investment over many years.
  • Service to renowned market sector leaders and many smaller companies.
  • ISO9001 — 2015

Machine Shop
Currie Engineering’s precision machine shop’s extensive range of machinery and capabilities have enabled them to build up an impressive portfolio of customers over the years, serving a wide variety of industry sectors such as energy, oil & gas, chemical, tobacco, construction, food, and electronics.

Our recent portfolio of companies we supply to, include many respected and market leaders within their own industry. Some of these include Howden UK Ltd., Crane Stockham Valve, John Crane UK Ltd., Crossland Tankers, Mivan, AVX and many smaller local businesses. In order for Currie Engineering to satisfy all their customer’s requirements an extensive investment programme has been running for a number of years ensuring that the latest technology, skilled personnel and range of machinery is available.

Some of the machine shop’s investments include the following.

Currie Engineering will achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction, through the provision of high quality products. We recognise that our reputation depends on consistent delivery of exemplary service, by every employee, when dealing with our customers and suppliers.

The company will therefore continue to improve the effectiveness of the organisation, and its Quality Management Systems, through regular reviews of this policy, customer feedback, company objectives, operational activities and procedures. We will invest in both equipment and people to offer a top quality product which meets our customer’s requirements at an affordable cost.

In early 2009 Currie Engineering (Garvagh) Ltd decided to invest in the installation of a wind turbine on their premises in Garvagh. In keeping with the company’s progressive outlook all of the site preparation was carried out by Currie Engineering and their personnel also assisted the Northwind and Green Energy engineers in the wind turbines installation. So by April 2010 their 100Kw wind turbine was in full operation.

The Northwind 100 wind turbine uses the latest technology with it’s innovative gearless design, best in class reliability and pleasing aesthetics. It’s permanent magnet direct drive technology maximizes energy capture and out performs conventional gearbox designs. The Northwind 100’s turbines begin producing power at wind speeds as low as 3 metres per second (6 mph) thus increasing it’s environmental and economic benefits.

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