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About Kinnaird Mechanical Ltd

The Leading Light in Pump Applications & Engineering

The best independent service that you can trust
Kinnaird Mechanical was established in 2021 as a integrated service provider to the wastewater, water, infrastructure, commercial and industrial sectors. We primarily focus on pump applications & Rotary Equipment.
  • Affordable pricing & fast service
  • 100+ projects done
  • Expertise across multiple fields including domestic & Commercial

Kinnaird Mechanical are a integrated service solution provider.

We work with clients who uses pumps and rotary equipment as part of their operations.

Our team of experts can handle all your requirements offering a turnkey solution.

Kinnaird Mechanical are a reverse engineering specialist offering a wide range of solutions to your pumping asset and associated site equipment.

Our engineers have the knowledge and the ability to carry out various repairs, including assets that are no longer supported by the manufacture or the parts are hard to come by.

Repair & Service
Kinnaird Mechanical workshop of excellence specialises in all aspects of pump and rotary equipment repairs associated with various industries

Our in house fully trained team of engineers are there to get your assets back to the original manufactures specification in a timely affordable manner with the minimal disruption to you operations.

Water & Wastewater
Sewage is one of the most corrosive environments in which mechanical equipment will ever operate. This coupled with the variety of materials that enter sewage pumping stations means that the need for regular planned maintenance is vital.

In order to operate sewage treatment systems rely upon components such as pumps, compressors and motors all of which require periodic replacement.

Kinnaird Mechanical provides a turnkey solution to installing and maintaining packaged sewage pumping stations.

Pump Solutions
Kinnaird Mechanical Ltd are pump specialists located in Northern Ireland.

We cover a wide range of industries and applications and provide a turnkey solution to end users.

With over 20 years experience, knowledge and passion we have your pump solutions covered.

Water Industry
Kinnaird Mechanical understands the importance of safe, reliable and well maintained pumping assets used in the water industry.

Kinnaird Mechanical has many years of experience, knowledge and the understanding that the water industry assets face daily.

Electrical Engineering
As part of the Kinnaird Mechanical organisation we provide a full turnkey package to all aspects of pumping applications.

Our engineers’ are trained to a high standard including the safe insolation of electrical equipment and fault finding of complex electrical applications/components found in the pumping industries.

Specialist Services
Kinnaird Mechanical knows how important that assets are safe, reliable and up to the task.

The founder of Kinnaird Mechanical has been involved with condition monitoring in the harsh environments of the oil and gas industries

Kinnaird Mechanical knows first hand that unplanned shutdown or failure could led to costly pentiles and the possibility of damage to other equipment or the worse case injury to personnel.

Water Boost Pumps
Kinnaird Mechanical knows how important it is for the safe/reliable transportation of portable/process water in commercial buildings and industrial applications.

We have the knowledge and understanding to provide a reliable service to clients who have a water boost system installed or are considering a upgrade or new application.

Kinnaird Mechanical are a certified service support partner for the Europe’s leading pump manufacture Efaflu.

Efaflu are a Portuguese company founded in 1946, entirely dedicated to development, manufacture, marketing, technical support as well as after-sales service of pumps, pumping systems, fans and generators.

The Efaflu products are distributed throughout Europe, UK and Northern Ireland and distributed by specialized and qualified partners.

Fire Pumping Systems
Kinnaird Mechanical Pumping Solutions Northern Ireland offer a wide range of supported systems for fire Safety.

These included Vertical Multistage, Horizontal End-Suction, Horizontal Split Case, Vertical In-Line, Vertical Turbine, Diesel Fire Pump & Electric Fire Pump

Fire pumps are part of a safety critical application.

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