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Nuala OHare
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County Down
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About Nuala OHare Therapies

Nuala developed an interest in complimentary therapies after an accident. Where she explored different therapies to add her recovery. She then devoted her time to studying a range of holistic therapies being able to offer her client’s individual treatments to meet their specific needs.

She was introduced to Scenar therapy, in 2006, the benefits of the therapy intrigued her as the results were visible and the therapy, unlike many others, is scientifically researched.

More recently, Nuala has trained in Bio Resonance treatment which is a computerised diagnostic and treatment system using highly developed software to identify any disharmony in the body.

Nuala gets immense satisfaction working with clients and meeting the challenges they bring to her. She has found the key to success involves the client actively engaging in their own healing process and being willing to take on this commitment.

Bio Resonance
Bio Resonance is a computerised diagnostic and treatment system. Using highly developed software, a signal from specialized two-way headphones sends frequencies to the body which identify any disharmony in the body.

The treatment involves corrective vibrational signals administered to rebalance the cellular structures strengthening the part of the body receiving treatment. Results are monitored via the computer which both therapist and client observe and discuss.

Healthy cells resonate in exact harmony with the signal and areas of imbalance are identified. The analysis is presented in a colour coded format as the specific parts of the body are investigated. Symbols graded from white (healthy) to black (requiring treatment) appear as each part of the body is scanned. The analysis aids the therapist to identify areas requiring treatment, results are discussed and a treatment plan agreed.

Scenar is a patented signal identical to the body’s own neurological signals. This signal has been found to have a positive and beneficial effect on the body, restabilising balance and homeostasis. This signal works on a cellular level enabling profound and long lasting healing to take place. It literally speaks the body’s own language.

The Scenar device uses Biofeedback to enable the body to heal itself. The device sends out a series of constantly changing signals through the skin and measures the response.

When this balance is disrupted due to trauma or disease the Scenar device can re-establish and reactivate the bodies’ natural self balancing capabilities. This stimulation of the bodies own adaptive systems can bring about some of the powerful changes the body may need to restore itself back to balance and health.

Scenar Gloves
Scenar Gloves are sliver treaded gloves, connected to the Scenar device which are applied to the skin. This allows the therapist to treat the client that maybe too sensitive to other treatments due to pain, swelling and/or injury. By holding the affected area with a very mild, yet effective signal.

This very unique treatment encourages a fresh blood supply allowing the muscles, connective tissue, ligaments, fascia and joints to increase circulation and regenerate. Resulting in pain reduction and decrease swelling.

Deep tissue massage focuses on the myofascial system, using deeper strokes with the help of elbows, fist and knuckles to engage with dysfunctional tissue and to help restore the soft tissue back to a more normal state. Most Effective Massage For: This type of massage is effective for reducing aches and pains. It can also be applied to specific injuries.

To work deep does not necessarily imply pain will be inflicted. The purpose of working deeply is to work intelligently with the soft tissue and any pain felt should be a “good” pain. It should feel like pain released rather than being inflicted. You may feel a soreness following the treatment but this should be a positive soreness, similar to a workout. The treatment involves a certain amount of assessment to locate the source of a problem and then a selected range of techniques are applied for the area and the condition of the tissue.

Reflexology is the art and science of using massage and pressure on specific reflex points and areas of the feet and hands which mirror the organs of the body. The gentle pressure used in this therapy stimulates the release of toxins, improves circulation, relaxes the body and restores balance and harmony in the client.

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