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Acoustic Flooring
Commercial Connections Ltd supplies a complete range of acoustic floor products suitable for insulating concrete and timber floor details. We supply acoustic underlays, resilient layers, and other noise control products by CMS Danskin, Rubbertech, Hush, and SRS, whose specialist solutions will enable you to reduce noise reverberation in your project.

Acoustic Walls
Commercial Connections Ltd distributes a range of sound proofing panels for acoustically insulating walls and ceilings, from acoustic material manufacturers such as Soundsorba, allowing you to choose the right sound absorbing solution for your building. Good room acoustics is now a key requirement of B.B.93 (BB93) Acoustic Design of schools.

Acoustic and Cold Storage Doors
Commercial Connections Ltd supplies a range of acoustic and thermal doors, movable walls, folding partitions, accordion and concertina walls, providing a solution for acoustic performance requirements, as well as space dividing designs with an an aesthetic finish.

Acoustic Ceilings
Commercial Connections Ltd distributes ceiling panels for noise reduction within a room, and solutions for reducing noise between ceilings and upper floors.

Internal Room Acoustics
Internal room acoustics is concerned with the quality of sound within a space. Good room acoustics is primarily a function of the reverberation of the space.

Reducing Noise
This is the function of noise reduction between spaces - from one room to another. Our acoustic consultants will help you reduce noise from airborne or structural sources between spaces.

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