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McSherry Test Services Limited provides reliable and efficient pile testing services across Northern Ireland, Ireland and the UK. We are a family run company established in 2013, although our experience spans over 15 years’ in the piling and construction industry. We pride ourselves in ensuring our customers receive the highest level of service and quality of data collected.


Because our testing is carried out by a qualified testing engineer, we can provide pile test results in real time, MAXIMISING efficiency on site.

Dynamic Load Test

A high strain dynamic load test is when the pile is struck by a hammer attached to a piling rig, the force and the velocity travelling into and out of the pile are measured by gauges attached to the pile shaft. The test gives immediate information about the pile integrity and the measurement of load capacity, hammer impact force mobilised within the pile and hammer energy.

Integrity Test

An integrity test is a quick and inexpensive method to check continuity of installed foundation piles. The test will detect pile defects such as major cracks, soil inclusion or voids. It is normally used to test the integrity and toe depth of cast in situ piles. The pile is struck axially with a small hammer and the stress wave generated is measured using an accelerometer located at the top of the pile. However, the test will not give an indication of the bearing capacity of the piles.

Static Load Test

A static load test is an in situ test that measures the reaction of a pile under an applied load and is the most accurate method for determining pile capacities. An axial load is applied to the top of the test pile with hydraulic jacks. They can determine the ultimate failure load of a foundation pile and determine its capacity to support the load without excessive or continuous displacement. The purpose of such tests is to verify that the load capacity in the constructed pile is greater than the nominal resistance.

CAPWAP Analysis

A CAPWAP estimates the total bearing capacity as well as resistance distribution along the shaft and at the toe. It simulates a static load test in compression and tension and predicts the load displacement and determines stresses at each depth along the pile.

Dynamic-pile testing, pile-integrity testing and maintained load-testing available.

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