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About Northwest Fuels

Welcome to North West Fuels Ltd.

Welcome to North West Fuels Ltd – your friendly, family run supplier for all your domestic fuel needs since 1975.

We’ve been in the trade for over 48 years and know every in and out of the industry so we can help you heat your home and everything else at the best prices with reliable supplies.

We are proud to be able to supply the people of Northern Ireland with the full range of solid fuels for domestic use. You can view our service page here for a fuller list but our most popular products are:
  • Coal
  • Solid Fuel
  • Smokeless fuels
  • Wood including briquettes, charcoal, chips, sheets and pellets
  • Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG)
  • Heating Oil
  • Butane
  • Propane and Propane accessories

Coal and solid fuel
All open fires will burn house coal and some smokeless fuels too. House coal is available in various sizes and we can guide you on the right quantities you will need for regular heating or winter heating as the weather starts to turn colder. Coal and solid fuel is ideal to burn in most room heaters, cookers and boilers but check your manufacturers’ details first.

Smokeless fuels
The same open fires, room heaters, cookers and boilers that burn coal can also burn manufactured smokeless fuels too. Like coal, it should not be burnt in a Smoke Control Area. They can also be burned in open fires with under floor draught that use smaller manufactured fuels and anthracite large nuts. Multi-fuel appliances can also burn smokeless fuels as well as denser fire bed fires.

Wood fuel also includes firewood, briquettes, charcoal, chips, sheets, pellets, sawdust or even other grains. They require little preparation and can be stored outdoors but logs and firewood are not suitable for automated heating systems. Wood chips and pellets can be used on automated systems and pellets especially provide free flowing, high energy density.

Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Heating Oil
LPG and Heating Oil are similar heating fuels for homes that are not connected to mains gas and need a separate tank external to the property to store the liquid. Heating Oil is an especially efficient fuel so gives good energy per unit and with price fluctuations can be a cheaper way to heat a home.

Butane and Propane
Any gas heater than can use Butane can also use Propane and vice versa. They are most usually associated with providing heat for campers, caravans, motor homes and even marine craft but stand alone Butane and Propane heaters are becoming more popular to fuel internal home heating too.

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