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Quality Products
We are committed to sourcing the most up to date, reliable and energy efficient mechanical ventilation units and insulated ducting systems currently available on the market.

Excellent Service
We aim to provide a fast, efficient and reliable service from initial enquiry through to completion and beyond. We don’t employ a dedicated sales team, but instead rely on referrals from satisfied customers in order to promote and grow our business.

Expert Advice
Our team is made up of mechanical ventilation engineers, air tightness testing technicians, acoustic testing technicians, building surveyors and building energy assessors. We can provide a full package of services tailored specifically to your requirements.

Heat Recovery Ventilation

How do Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems work?
The warm, stale, moisture-laden air from all wet areas in your home e.g. bathrooms, wc's, kitchens and utility areas etc. is continuously extracted and filtered back through the heat recovery system unit. This exhaust air passes through a heat exchanger where the heat is transferred to the incoming supply air but the two air streams can never mix. As a result you will have a continuous supply of fresh, filtered, tempered air to all habitable rooms in the home e.g. bedrooms, living rooms and dining areas etc.

What are the benefits of a Heat Recovery Ventilation System?
Heat recovery ventilation systems provide many benefits to a home:
  • Continuous supply of fresh, filtered, tempered air into the home
  • Reduces heating costs by recovering up to 95% of the heat extracted from the wet rooms
  • Balanced heat distribution throughout the dwelling
  • Creates a healthier living environment
  • Clinically proven to help allergy and asthma suffers
  • Prevents condensation and eliminates mould growth
  • Removes unwanted odours e.g. cooking smells
  • Extremely low power consumption
  • No longer require trickle vents in windows and intermittent extract fans in wet rooms

Ventilation With Heat Recovery
Commercial Ventilation
Every commercial and industrial property needs effective and reliable ventilation. Insufficient fresh air can cause tiredness, fatigue and headaches, which will impact negatively on employee concentration and performance. By installing a high quality mechanical ventilation system you can guarantee a continuous supply of fresh, filtered air throughout your premises, resulting in a healthier more productive working environment.

The Benefits Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery
  • Provides a continuous supply of fresh, filtered air throughout the building.
  • Maintains a comfortable indoor temperature appropriate to the task(s) being undertaken.
  • Removes pollutants and odours e.g. exhaled air, body odours, cooking smells etc.
  • Prevents condensation and mould growth within the building fabric.

PIV Unit (Positive Input Ventilation)
Do you have a problem with damp, condensation and mould?
This is a common occurring problem in bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Condensation will occur when water vapour or steam being generated through breathing, cooking, bathing, showering and clothes drying is allowed to travel throughout the house. The warm moist air travels to the coldest spots in a room and then condensates. After a period of time the condensation begins to form mould growth. Mould is an unsightly, odorous fungus which has been identified as the source of many serious health problems, including infections, asthma, allergies and sinusitis.

Mechanical Extract Ventilation
The MEV system incorporates a low energy, high efficiency fan unit which is ducted via multiple air inlets to each wet room in the house, where a ceiling valve acts as the point of extraction. The MEV unit is designed to operate continuously at low speed without occupant intervention. However various control options are available including switches/ sensors that can instruct the system to boost when required e.g. to remove cooking smells or condensation. Typical controls include humidistats, lighting circuits, shower circuits, motion (PIR) sensors, and manual boost switches.

Air Tightness Testing
What is air testing?
Air tightness testing (or air permeability) refers to the infiltration of cold air into a building and the escape of heated out of the building, through the tightness of gaps, holes and cracks etc. in the structural fabric.

Sound Insulation Testing
Acoustic Testing
Atlantic Air provide a comprehensive service in relation to the assessment and testing of building sound insulation performance. As SITMA Registered Testers (UK & NI) and SITRI Registered Testers (ROI) we are competent to undertake pre-completion testing on non-detached houses, apartments, rooms for residential purposes, schools and other buildings.
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John, Co. Fermanagh
Atlantic Air installed the MVHR system in my new house. The sales team and site fitters were very knowledgable, their workmanship was very tidy and their system is working perfectly. They done a fantastic job and i would be more than happy recommend to a friend
Atlantic Air Ventilation & Air Tightness 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings. 1 user reviews.

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