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County Londonderry
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About MacGen Power Generation

Leading power generation specialist providing sales, service and maintenance of mobile and static generator units to clients worldwide

MacGen Power Generation Ltd employs a team of fully qualified personnel to deal with all aspects of the sale and service of its generators worldwide. With a large and varied range of power generating sets in stock, as well as a comprehensive series of parts and spares to suit, we pride ourselves on being able to meet and exceed our customers’ needs, whatever the environment or purpose.

The Range
MacGen’s range of generators are provided in a compact and lightweight package, supplying reliable power with low impact designs to suit any application or site. With Industrial, Rental, Gas, Heavy and PTO generators available, the range is extensive, catering for both domestic and industrial customers.

Each generator is available in 50 or 60Hz and is fitted with electronic controllers and a display panel providing ease of use, optimising control over the system. Manufactured in sizes from 2.7kVA to 2200kVA, MacGen generators are available as either openskid, supersilenced or containerised models which all comply with current European generator standards. Automatic Mains Failure systems are available as an optional addition to complement any of the generators in our range.

MacGen's Industrial Range has been designed to ensure the highest performance in any application. It can be used to supply energy continuously, for peak shavings or in an emergency, within the industrial, commercial and residential sectors.

MacGen generator sets combine the robustness and versatility that rental companies require. Our equipment is designed for use in applications of all kinds: from generator sets for the construction, mining or oil sectors, to generators for concerts and large events, which require gigawatts of power on demand for limited periods.

MacGen supplies gas generator sets with a wide power range, from 12 kW up to 1893 kW. Running on Natural Gas or LPG, environmentally friendly fuels, they provide an ongoing supply of power that not only reduces emissions of CO, CO² and particles into the atmosphere, but also of noise.

The heavy range of generator sets are the power workhorses that institutions, hospitals or financial organisations need. A power outage of a few minutes can incur substantial financial losses or have serious consequences for the safety of patients in a hospital. Highpower generators are required to supply emergency power to such organisations, so when a power cut occurs, our Heavy Range will provide the support needed to avoid disruption.

A generator is basically an engine and an alternator.
If you have a tractor, you already have a powerful engine ready to be connected to your driveshaft. You’re simply missing the alternator to convert the engine power into electricity. PTO generators are the perfect solution for portable power on or around a farm. You can operate power tools far from distant utility poles. Plus, you can use a manual transfer switch to restore power to a house, barn or building during an outage.
All Macgen PTO generators come as standard with removable 3-point linkage & bolt-down slots for fixed operation.

We stock a vast range of filters, engine parts, alternator parts, canopy parts, electrical parts and controllers.
To ensure the provision of power from your generator, the MacGen service network can quickly provide parts, service and technical support and all our deliveries can be tracked via our certified couriers. Spare parts support is vital to all MacGen customers. At our central parts warehouse in Kilrea we stock in excess of 5,000 line items for all the leading engine brands.
To book a service or order parts send us an email at

MacGen Canopies
All canopied MacGen generators provide full protection of internal parts and ensure the highest levels of soundproofing to comply with all current European standards. They come with bunded bases incorporating 110% fluid containment. In addition, each of the models in our range are fitted with heavy duty forklift pockets and a central lifting point on top of the set to maximise mobility and ease installation.

Our generators can be used for an extensive range of applications. From supermarkets, hotels, schools, business offices and factories to quarry and waste management services, MacGen have a generator to suit your needs. We also supply to company hire fleets.

MacGen Power Generation Team

Name Role Email Telephone
Robbie Quinn Sales Manager (ROI) 0860761728
Brian Donaghy Operations Manager 07967967969
Seamus McGarry Sales Manager (NI & UK) 07519105805
Steven Barkley Parts Manager 02829542500

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