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(042) 9429512 or 028 3884 2832 (NI)
(042) 9429512
Unit 7 Oriel Hub,
Finnabair Business Park
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09:00 am-05:00 pm
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About CSC Fuel Cards Ireland

Fuel Cards Ireland

The CSC Fuel Card offers a complete service for on-road fuelling for all sizes of business.

Many of the locations offer a 24 hour - 7 day service featuring the latest outdoor card terminals coupled to high-speed pumps. These facilities are located at strategic points along main roads, giving a combination designed to minimise the time spent refuelling.

The sites are polled on a daily basis and the information collated to produce detailed management reports that can be used to monitor individual vehicle performance.

  • Quality branded fuel at discount prices
  • Access to large site network throughout Europe
  • Many 24 hour fully automated sites
  • Itemised billing showing date, time, quantity, vehicle registration etc. to enable cost monitoring and control
  • PIN number operated for security
  • Only diesel can be purchased with the card
  • Good choice for both small and large fleet operators
  • E-Billing if you wish to receive your invoice by email
  • View your transactions, prices, reprint invoices and manage your account online

Motorway Toll Cards & Toll Boxes
In addition to our Fuel Card, we supply European Motorway Toll devices. We can supply electronic boxes for several countries for motorways and tunnels. These include France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany and Austria and most Eastern European countries.

CSC is an agent for one of the biggest suppliers of credit cards for road tolls in Europe.
  • Eliminate cash requirement for drivers
  • Fully itemised invoicing
  • Long credit terms
  • Substantial discounts (up to 20%) available (50% in Spain)

About Us
Fuel Cards eliminate the need for businesses to carry costly stocks of fuels. Because of its extensive network of outlets, drivers can fill up around the country at a time and a place that best suits the individual.

Businesses also benefit by paying a single price for fuel at each and every authorised filling station around the country. Discounts on pump prices is also another benefit.

CSC Card Holders can get a better price than somebody paying cash at the pumps.

Excellent credit terms can be negotiated - up to six weeks credit on purchases depending on when fuel is purchased.

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