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About Wishart Group

About Us

Wishart Group is committed to meeting it’s customers needs in scientific and weighing products throughout Ireland.

The business was established in 1985 by Bob Wishart, solely as a service company. Due to customer demand, Wishart Group has successfully incorporated sales and calibration to compliment its highly respected service team.

We pride ourselves with our response to customers; 95% of calls are responded to within 24 hours. The company is accredited to UKAS and ISO 9001 and we're delighted on being the first laboratory supplies company to achieve these standards of excellence in our specialist fields in Ireland.

Laboratory Weighing

Industrial Weighing
Weighing Systems for Industrial Processes Detection of masses of raw materials in the input control, checking stocks, the additional weighing and dosing in various stages of the production process, etc. Wishart Group provides products and solutions for industrial weighing.

Medical Weighing
Wishart Group Weighing is proud to be recognised as a market leader in home health monitoring technology. Over the years, we have developed innovative technology and a variety of unique products for GPs, hospitals and medical professionals.

Wishart Group Weighing’s scales are used by trusted medical professional globally. Our wide range of medical scales include personal scales, chair scales, wheelchair scales, walk on bariatric scale & professional medical scales. The scales are specifically designed for accuracy keeping in mind the patient’s comfort. We are also able to provide customised solutions depending on the requirements of our clients.

Temperature Equipment
Temperature is the most widely measured industrial parameter. From monitoring to maintenance, temperature is extremely important. Temperature equipment and sensors are used in a variety of scientific and engineering applications.

Lab Equipment
We supply UK quality laboratory equipment and lab chemicals, specialising in delivering all customer requirements, however complex, from our one-stop shop.

Temperature Measuring
Temperature is defined as the degree of hotness or coldness of a body. In a laboratory temperature measurements are used to establish purity of substances (melting point and boiling point), control over distillation processes, reaction kinetic studies and in several other measurements such as viscosity, density, phase transition studies, determination of flash points of flammable oils, etc.

Safety Enclosures
At Wishart Group, we understand your need for stringent safety measures. For over 100 years, we have designed and built the world’s finest laboratory furniture, always with safety in mind. This instance on Safety and Quality continues to be reflected in Kewaunee’s offering of both Flammable and Acid / Corrosive storage cabinets.

Clinical & laboratory microscopes include higher quality compound (biological) microscopes for veterinary and medical clinics, hospitals and research laboratories. This range also includes more advanced student microscopes.
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