Cedric Hall Wrought Iron Gates and Railings, Lisnaskea

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028 8953 1643
52 Abbey Road,
County Fermanagh
BT92 0NF

About Cedric Hall Wrought Iron Gates and Railings

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Specialists in Wrought Iron Gates and Railings; We manufacture a range of individually hand-made, custom-fit wrought iron gates and railings finished to your specification. Other custom made wrought iron work include garden gates, hand and safety rails, pergola and archway frames.

At Cedric Hall Wrought Iron Gates and Railings we pride ourselves on delivering high quality products and services:
  • Work is finished to your specification.
  • We manufacture top quality wrought iron work
  • Offer a range of designs, both traditional and modern.
  • We rust-proof all exterior work with galvanising
  • Offer a paint colour finish of your choice, highlighting also available.
  • We install and fit all our wrought iron work.

Products we offer:
  • Wrought Iron gates and railings
  • Hand and safety rails
  • Garden gates
  • Pergola and archway frames
  • Exterior lighting
  • Garden furniture
  • Letterboxes

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Answers our FAQ webpage:

How can I secure my home?
The need for security is becoming more necessary for the age in which we now live. Why not make life more difficult for the intruder by securing your property with bespoke wrought iron gates and railings, and light up the darkness with our exterior lighting.
> Lock your doors and windows (1/3 of burglaries happen this way)
> Consider fitting an alarm
> Consider fitting other security devices such as gates or lighting
> Don’t leave cash or valuable items on display
> Report suspicious persons or vehicles to police via 101
> Join Neighbourhood Watch and/or Nominated Neighbour scheme

Benefits of Galvanising Steel
Hot-dip galvanising has long been seen as the most environmentally-friendly finishing process available to prevent corrosion. Galvanizing is highly sustainable and produces minimal waste. The use of galvanizing for structural steel protection gives you nine major, measurable benefits:
1. Lowest first cost.
2. Less maintenance/Lowest long term cost.
3. Long life.
4. Reliability.
5. Toughest coating.
6. Automatic protection for damaged areas.
7. Complete protection.
8. Ease of inspection.
9. Faster erection time.

Automation Convenience
We realise it’s a first world problem; but no-one enjoys having to get out of the car in the pouring rain or dark evenings to manually open their gates. Here's just a few points on the benefits of automation:
> Automated gates provide security
> Automated gates are convenient
> Automated gates are robust
> Automated gates look exceptional
> The cost of automated gates

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