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About CCP Gransden Ltd

About us
CCP Gransden is a long-standing specialist engineering firm comprising of two different sectors. With over 100 years in business, the company has evolved from the ship building and repair industry into the manufacture and development of composites and thermoplastics across diverse sectors; Aerospace, Industrial, Automotive & Energy along with the addition of the Water Chemistry Solutions

CCP Gransden are active participants at NIACE (Northern Ireland Advanced Composites and Engineering Centre), and are involved in a number of advanced and exclusive research and development projects. CCP Gransden are also members of ADS, the Aerospace, Defence, Security and Space organisation.

Advanced composites
CCP Gransden is a leading specialist composites and thermoplastics manufacturer. CCP manufacture and develop composites and thermoplastics across diverse sectors; Aerospace, Industrial, Automotive & Energy.

Operating in:

Advanced Composites:
  • Concept and prototyping
  • In-house design and development
  • Manufacturing and repair of composite products and structures on a large and small scale

Thermoplastic Fabrication:
  • Development and manufacture of bespoke thermoplastic equipment
  • Pipework, ducting, tanks and storage vessels, covers and scrubbers
  • Sourcing and processing in all engineering plastics

Corrosion Control:
  • Specialists in high strength, corrosion resistant composite and thermoplastics
  • Manufacturing and installation for pharmaceutical, chemical, water-treatment, agri-food and bio-science customers
  • Advanced materials and coatings for exact chemical application

Research and Development:
  • Participants in the Northern Ireland Advanced Composites and Engineering
    Centre (NIACE)
  • Experienced participation and leading of European and UK funded research
  • Development of new customer and supplier relationships through R&D

Project Management:
  • Experienced project partners, able to lead and coordinate sub-contractors and suppliers
  • Managing and ensuring; time, quality and cost compliance

Water Chemistry Solutions
CCP Gransden are the leading supplier of speciality chemicals for the water, wastewater and effluent treatment industry across Ireland. We have over 30 years' experience in the flocculant and coagulant business associated with the market leading BASF Zetag® and Magnafloc® brands. Operating in:

BASF Flocculants for Solid Liquid Separation:
  • Full range of BASF water solution products
  • Zetag® Cationic powders and liquids
  • Magnafloc® LT powders and coagulants
  • Burst defoamers

Process Optimisation:
  • Waste/Industrial/Drinking water treatment
  • Expertise to lower transportation costs of solid/liquid waste
  • On site testing and optimal polymer selection
  • After sales support

Quality, Traceability & Logistic Supply Chain Control:
  • Full traceability from manufacture to supply
  • Quality and compliance to highest level of industry standards
  • Warehousing and logistics management

Mobile Polymer Make Up Systems:
  • Automated mobile make up systems
  • Separate units for powder and liquid in varying capacities
  • Units for sale, hire, site trials and commissioning purposes

Palintest Water Analysis Equipment & Technology:
  • Cost effective mobile water testing kits
  • Large stock of consumables
  • Technical support and MSDS documents offered for all equipment
  • Chlorination and de-chlorination

Location of CCP Gransden Ltd near Newtownards, Ireland